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Australian Academy Of Music And Performing Arts (AMPA) Associate Degree of Music (Performance)
Australian Academy Of Music And Performing Arts (AMPA)

Associate Degree of Music (Performance)

Surry Hills, Austraalia

4 Semesters

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In a highly competitive industry, respectable qualifications and training, extensive field experience and a strong network are essential to improve your future career prospects in music. At AMPA, we provide an environment with all the above tools for you to maximise opportunities and reach your ultimate goal.

AMPA’s undergraduate music degrees are designed to comprehensively train talented musicians (performers, composers and creators) enabling them to enter the music industry one step ahead of the crowd.

AMPA undergrads can choose to focus on one of four focus areas in their degree.

Unlike many institutions in Australia, AMPA remains focused on individual, one-to-one learning. This means that music students are entitled to receive a 60-minute lesson per week as part of their Principal Study unit, along with an additional 30-minute lesson as part of the Second Study. The option of taking a Second Study is particularly unique to AMPA, and a valuable tool for students with more than one skill eg. guitar/voice or singer/songwriter.


  • 4 Trimesters



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